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DSL Service Pricing
A-DSL  1536K Download / 256 Upload........$69.95   Per Month
S--DSL  384K Download and Upload...........$144.95 Per Month
S--DSL  768K Download and Upload...........$199.99 Per Month
S--DSL  1024K Download and Upload.........$234.99 Per Month
S--DSL  1536K Download and Upload.........$294.99 Per Month

Installation Fee for all DSL Service is $300.00
This includes equipment which must be returned when service is terminated. (most of the time we have a promotion which waives this $300.00 fee)

All of our DSL and T1’s include at least 1 Static IP Address.  Usually adding more IP addresses is free depending on how many you need.

T1 Pricing
Full T1 1536K  $499.99 Per Month
1 Year Contract Required
(Pricing does not include equipment)(Prices may vary depending on distance from Central Office)
installation Fee is $400.00 not including equipment

Dial-up Pricing
56K $19.95 Per month – Includes 1 e-mail address and personal web space

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